Use Google map  or  Bing Map to locate us at 4916 Labounty Drive, Ferndale, WA 98248.

Follow the signs to RDS.

For household recycled goods such as paper, bottle or cans, there is no need to wait in line.  Follow the signs to the left and use the proper recycle bin (paper, cans, bottles and more).

For disposal items to dump or any metal, yard waste, dirt, appliance, tires or electronics:

  1. Wait for your turn to move onto the scale
  2. Get weighed with trash
  3. Talk to staff about what you are disposing
  4. Dump your trash or recycle your metal / electronics / yard waste
  5. Return to get weighed again at either scale house
  6. You can pay with cash, checks and credit cards.

You will get weighed on the way in, and then weighed again on the way out, at which time you will be charged the matching rate for the change in weight of vehicle based on what you disposed of. For pricing.

During the busy hours, our second exist scale house is open and you can go out either line. It won't matter that you came in the main entrance; but exit scales are linked together to speed up your visit

See below for a photo tour of how you will enter the site and where you can unload your garbage and items to be recycled. (Click on any photo to see more details.)